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nystyss :: my wedding dress


nystyss - my wedding dress

Dernier Article :: all sorts of reasons why we choose to feature a wedding on the blog.

There are all sorts of reasons why we choose to feature a wedding on the blog.  Sometimes we fall in love with the details, sometimes we fall in love with the photography, and sometimes we fall in love with the couple's story.  mugs shop In the case of Carrie + Douglas, it was the stunning imagery from Jesse Leake  that drew us in, but the heartfelt story behind the day that really hooked us.  Wondering about the horse?  It was given to Carrie by her father before he passed away shortly before her wedding. Canno Lens MugBeing accompanied down the aisle by the horse was a lovely sentiment, no?  See more from their day (which took place at a private ranch in the Fremont Hills) at Jesse's blog here.It's going to be quite the party, y'all!  But more than that, it's a chance to step out from behind social media  lingerie galleries and actually connect face-to-face with some of the people you (and we!) interact with on a daily basis.  So, as our friend Sarah Rhoads wrote on her blog, "come on out to the most killer party at WPPI, and let's dance our faces off!"  We couldn't agree more -- hope to see you there!Prom Dresses