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Dernier Article :: The advantages of LED light

cree d60 led bulbsled bulbs is the hope of 21century light source market, so many advantages predict it will replace the traditional light source in the future, Mr. Science and technology commission Said that high power LED is the greatest invention of human since Addison invent the Incandescent bulb, now we meet global energy crisis, energy is a kind of precious resource, so the problem we are facing in the fut
ure is saving energy.
  1. LED light saves energy. The energy consumption of a white light LED is 1/10 of and Incandescent bulb, 1/4 of an energy saving light.
  2. LED light has long life span. It has 100,000 hours long life span, to normal home light, it is once and for all.
  3. LED light can work at a high speed. If you turn on and turn off an energy saving light frequently, the filament will turn black and soon spoil.
  4. It has general standard lamp holder, can directly replace existing halogen lamp, incandescent lamp, LED Spotlight.
  5. LED technology is improving in progress, the luminous efficiency of led energy-saving lamp is being made astonishing breakthrough. The price is also in constant reduce. An age of white light led into the family is coming quickly.
  6. Environmental protection, no mercury of harmful substances. The assembly parts of an Led energy-saving lamp can be very easy dismantling, no need manufacturer recovery but can be recycled by other people.
  7. Distribution of light technology makes the led point light source expanded to surface light source, increases shiny surface, eliminates glare, sublimates visual effect, eliminates the visual fatigue.
  8. Lens and chimney integration design, lens at the same time have the condenser and protective effect, avoiding the light repetition and waste, let our products more concise and beautiful.
  9. Luminous efficiency can be as high as 801 m/w, a variety of color temperature for you to choose, color rendering index is high and good.

10、 Significant energy saving. Using high bright high power led light source and high efficiency power, saving more than 80% energy than the traditional incandescent lamp, the brightness is 10 times of the incandescent lamp at the same power.
11、 Long life span more than 50, 000 hours, it is 50 times more of the traditional tungsten lamp. Led using high reliable advanced packaging technology – eutectic welding, to fully guarantee the led to long life.