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Dernier Article :: AUDI A8 Audio Is the Ultimate System for Fast Cars

When one drives the two-seater Audi A8 sports car, he expects the installed sound system in the car to match the outstanding features of the car. The AUDI A8 Audio was designed to deliver sound effects that will enhance the superb performance of the sports car. Designers of the sound system installed in the Audi 8 had in mind to match the robust sound of the racing engine with music that will add to the thrill of handling the fast car. The present AUDI A8 Audio system outperforms the very best of car sound systems and has been awarded by notable music organizations.
The AUDI A8 Audio is the perfect system that produces exhilarating acoustic effects to match the awesome sound of the car’s engine. The 12 speakers strategically installed in the car provide a sound output of 450 watts amplified by multiple channels and digital signal processing. The system is complete with center dashboard speaker with bass output from the subwoofer, coupled with tweeters and additional woofers at the back panels of the car.
The AUDI A8 Audio has really succeeded in creating the perfect system for the most difficult task in the sound industry - providing suitable acoustic effects inside the body of a sports car. The system has converted the tiny car dvd player into a virtual concert hall where the resulting music sounds like they are coming from a roomy antechamber. All these surround sound effects are achieved while the car moving at speeds of more than 100 miles per hour. The latest technology employed in producing the AUDI A8 Audio system truly deserves to be commended.
The system is fully computerized and integrated into the Audi Infotainment System where everything comes into place automatically. The fully automated system relieves the driver from the task of making any adjustments to get the best sounds possible. The only adjustment needed to hear the perfect blend of music is a push on the button that sets the sounds to one’s preferred volume.
Of course, the AUDI navigation system is so designed that the different components installed in the car add elegance to the car interiors. The speaker mounts are uniquely designed and decorated with aluminum structures to keep them perfectly blended into the unique design of the car’s interior. The experience of taking the Audi 8 sports car out for a fast ride is really enhanced by this award-winning sound system designed specifically for a fast moving sports car.
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Article source from: http://www.i-newswire.com/audi-a8-audio-is-the-ultimate-system/233758