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Dernier Article :: Casual athletic engine

As everyone knows the MMO engines like Unreal 3 focusing on the ambitious performance outlook on the world scene, but the the Renderware engine in the indoor scene management and rendering part has more advantages. Animation calculus part may be the most powerful, which is a lot of the well-known action, fighting, sports games, such as: Legend 5, Grand Theft Auto, Mortal Kombat, Xuanyuanjian series favored its reasons. It can be highly competitive against a complex role in bone action perfectly Interpretation Dream footsteps fadeaway complex skills basketball player.

The Renderware engine of the new version of the game screen make this sequel even better, faster updates and special effects; showed the unique beauty of hip-hop style to the cartoon graffiti Wind interpretations street culture and professional roles in the overall style. Deformation animation engine export functions, good performance of skeletal animation is difficult to describe the subtle movements, and even the role facial muscles deformation emotes, can depict the nuanced, amazing.

Beyond the original game game performance

3V3 competitive mode of "passion", "confrontation", "collision", "high-speed", the physical effects of this engine is particularly significant. Occupational cool fancy breakthrough, the air turned, gliding dunk skills are perfect interpretation of the anomalies. In the competitive world of street ball, even if there is a particularly ambitious world scene can not allow players to see players in a small stadium, passionate performances and closeup depicted is crucial. Seen, the game engine is not the performance of comprehensive powerful, but rather whether to fit it produced the unique style of the game. From this point of view, Renderware engine with free basketball is really a natural fit.