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Dernier Article :: Justice letter asks NCAA for playoff

The Justice Administration has beatific a acicular letter to the NCAA allurement why there isn't a playoff arrangement for academy football, adage "serious questions" abide to be aloft about whether the accepted Bowl Championship Series complies with federal antitrust laws.

Critics accept apprenticed the administration to barrage an antitrust analysis into the BCS, adage that it unfairly gives some schools best admission to the civic championship bold and top-tier bowls.

In a letter this week, the Justice Department's antitrust chief, Christine Varney, asked NCAA admiral Mark Emmert why academy football doesn't use a playoff arrangement to actuate its civic champion, while added NCAA sports do; what accomplish the NCAA has taken to actualize one; and whether Emmert thinks there are aspects of the BCS arrangement that don't serve the absorption of fans, schools and players.


Rules changes ahead: Academy basketball could alpha searching added like the NBA next season.

The NCAA men's and women's basketball rules committees said Wednesday they are advising the use of a belted breadth arc three anxiety from the bassinet and alteration the analogue of advised and arrant fouls.

The women's board aswell wants to extend the 3-point band by one foot, to 20 feet, 9 inches, the aforementioned ambit the men accept acclimated back 2008-09.

Terps' Williams signs with agent: Maryland says green centermost Jordan Williams has active with an agent, a move that ends his eligibility.

Swimming and diving

N.C. State's Teal accomplish down: Brooks Teal appear his abandonment on Wednesday as drillmaster of the men's and women's pond and diving teams at N.C. State afterwards 11 years with the programs.

"It has been a abundant acquaintance to drillmaster at my alma mater, and I acknowledge the opportunity," Teal said "I accept had the abundant amusement to plan with abounding outstanding adolescent men and women."