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Dernier Article :: Two-pin quartz watches in the adjustment

1, quartz watch errors

Quartz Watch to allow margins of error of ± 15 sec/month. Quartz battery-powered, battery life is generally based on the watch's movement from 12-24 months. If your watch has a weak display function, when the battery is nearly consumed at the conclusion of, the second hand will only bounce once every four seconds, if this occurs, you should immediately guess w0056l1 watch replace the battery. Late may cause damage to parts, if the time to slow down, possibly caused by power shortages, electricity to the authorized repair center.

Two-pin quartz watches in the adjustment to the allocation for almost a minute, to compensate for the gap between magnetic wheels.

2, why is quartz watch to replace the battery

Quartz watch movement and use different battery life of 1-2 years. Upscale three-pin quartz watch battery will drain prompts seconds beating the exception, that is jumping every four seconds, reminding you that you need to replace the battery, if it is not to replace the battery may cause battery leakage and damage to the watch the internal parts. Customers have several pieces of watches, usually to save power unplug when not wearing the Crown the watch stop walking, stop watch, battery continues to discharge, if they are not replaced in time, can cause excessive discharge of the battery, battery leakage, corrosion similar movement, causing maintenance costs far exceed the replacement battery cost.

3, quartz watches and go for what reason

First look at whether to pull out the Crown, second hand touch table mirror, trace a circle appears on the glass, three pin contacts when the needle with the needle overlap, can walk through, finally, professional check batteries are exhausted.

4 why, two-pin quartz watch will often find a minute slow

Because the two-pin quartz watches most of the motor once every 20 seconds, customer adjustments it is possible that the motor does not start, so they are reflected to the minute hand with correct time difference of a minute, if the same situation just minutes ahead of a minute.