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Dernier Article :: Deadly red lips coating

Female celebrities like Discount Naked Palette Eyeshadow red lips to show all kinds of style, but this dangerous color is really not easy to navigate well, on top of that, red lip stick to the tooth himself without the knowledge of the special high, others want to turn away! Painted red lips beauty, for your and others ' physical and mental health, be sure to check some details you good bye people!

Celebrities never cease to lip shape challenge, different descriptive, lip makeup products of different qualities in everyone's face eventual rendering style is really varied! Perhaps beauty and ugliness in different viewers will have some differences, but either way, controlling the Red lip makeup necessary conditions are not less, it's too easy to become the mockery of others!

First of all, white skin you only deserve this publicity crazy was red, people with darker skin, covered with a red lip is darker;

Secondly, your lips best full bodied, too thin look stingy, too thick too exaggerated;

Then, if the toothy enough your teeth must be white, neatly enough, uneven black teeth, yellow teeth are Visual harm to others;

Finally, make sure Cheap Naked Palette lipstick coated out of bounds, don't stick to the teeth, lips, dry skin lotion and lip lines.

Teeth bonded to the lip is too terrible!

See Mo Xiaoqi, Jolin Tsai that she is not immune to sticky red lipstick on your teeth, people are really scary! Apply must keep in mind the following points:

MO Xiaoqi students were too high, not only sticky lipstick, face is going to be a mirror shine!

Jolin Tsai's gums, and laughing is thriller, plus lipstick makeup more ...

1, painted red lips try not to apply too in side;

2, avoid tongue teeth, smiles these gestures;

3, keep a small mirror, see, in particular, people took to shine before ever stick to the teeth or out of bounds, even makeup.

What lipstick is not easy to take off Naked Palette 3 makeup?

If the structure is particularly easy to stick your lips and teeth stained makeup, so please try to avoid too bright colors, if you try to, makeup technique with a little notice, more attention should be checked, there are problems in time to apply makeup.

Step1: If lipstick out of bounds, and can be modified using concealer pen-lipped;

Step2: Lipstick evenly on your lips and try not to apply too in the side;

Step3: evenly after light lips took a SIP, lip color more evenly, attach;

Step4: the last central location with the pink Tiffany Pearl Heart Key Necklace Jewelry Outlet lipstick coated lips, layering of the lipstick effect.