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How to make hair replacement system

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There are four different thickness of skins for men hair replacement that people usually choice.  They are Ultra thin skin 0.03mm, BIO, poly skin 0.14mm and silicon 0.25mm.


It is a complex process that takes much care and effort to achieve the highest quality hair pieces in the quickest possible time.


lordhair and all the people involved in the process strive to ensure that the systems we produce are of the finest quality and somehow we manage to do all this at affordable prices.


You can see from the picture below that a courier is required four times during the whole order process – your template and hair sample are sent to the factory, the base system is then sent to the receiver to attach the hair, they then send the men hair system back to us and if we are happy with the product we send it out to you or your stylist.


After the base is created the bulk of the work is done by the hair swisher (when highlights are required by hand the hair is swished back and forth through a gripper machine to get the blends correct) and the ventilator who works 8 hours a day for around 4 weeks on a partial system to create the most natural hair systems you will see.

The full specification of the system is taken from an order form that is completed by the customer.

When you see the complexity involved in making these great looking hair systems you can appreciate the time and effort that is put into each and every wig that we make and sell.

The factory that we use has an ethical approach where the workers are paid well, given plenty of holidays, and treated kindly. This means the factory attracts the best workers which in turn produces the best hair systems.


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